Click on any of the following instruction sheets. They are contain basic instructions on common computer activities.
Every computer varies and the instructions may not fit your situation exactly, but can help offer clues on how to do what you want to do. Please call to schedule a private appointment.


Vocabulary basic  – Learn the terms to understand your computer better

Cut and Paste – This is one of the most useful features of computer use. once Mastered Cut and paste can be used between programs and the same skill applied to many diffrent technologies.

On Off - Visual instruction on the proper way to shut down your computer

Play Solitare - Solitare is one of the funest and best ways to gain and practice mouse skills. But watch out, it can be addictive.

Mouse Keyboard – Anatomy definitions and tricks for using your mouse and keyboard.

Open Programs – How to open the programs you want.

Outlook Signatures – Add a custom signature to your e-mails.

Feel free to leave a message below and let me know what instruction sheets you would like to see next.

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